FLY Fit & Aerial Arts REGINA

Pole, Silks, Sling & Hoop Classes For Beginners

Aerial arts are challenging, beautiful and fun! We offer pole, aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial sling, pole silks and more!

Fly Fit Classes
We offer classes, workshops and special events for adults, kids and teens! We also offer customized private bookings for any occasion!

Pole Classes

Pole is a great foundation for aerial arts because it incorporates whole body strength and uses leverage to maximize it.

Hoop Classes

The Aerial Hoop is an amazing,challenging workout that teaches you grace, strength and power as you pose, flip, hang and dance suspended in the in the air.

Silks Classes

Grace and power combined! Silks develop strength, flexibility and offer a fun exercise that will get you floating on air while toning the entire body.

Sling Classes

Aerial Sling is where Aerial Hammock/Yoga starts to merge with the beautiful and impressive poses, wraps and tricks of Aerial Silks.


The beautiful combination of Aerial Fabric & Pole Dancing. The strengths required for these arts is a game changer in progressing your muscle engagement, strength and body awareness.


Fly Fit Classes & Experiences

FLY is a homegrown and locally owned studio specializing in Pole, Aerial & Movement Arts. We also offer a wide range of Fitness & Recovery classes and wellness programs, and work with other local experts to bring personal growth and learning opportunities to our space and community with a focus on all aspects of overall wellness.


Wanna give it a try? Check out our limited time intro offer!


Only $40/person for your first class!

Select your apparatus (Hoop, Silks, Pole, FabPole, Sling, etc.)

Organize your groups of 2-4

$40.00/per person- tax included!

TRY FLY Customized Semi-Private Special

*Extended to August 31, 2023! A special rate of $40 per person, tax included is in effect for TRY FLY Customized bookings made from now until August 31, 2023*. We will contact you within 72 hours of your submission.
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