Meet Our Team

The FLY Crew & Partners!


Adrienne is the owner of FLY Fitness & Aerial Arts. She is passionate about fitness, dance and teaching. Her biggest goal in creating FLY wa as to create a home for a community that is empowering, supportive and welcoming to everyone of all sizes, shapes and ages. She has always been fueled by variety and creativity and worked to build a studio with diverse and unique classes for people from all walks of life. Adrienne has been a pole fitness instructor since 2008, completed her Group Fitness Certifications in Group Biking (spin) and Group Resistance Training in 2009 and followed that with a long list of further certifications, education and training in pole, aerial and general fitness.


Leslie got started in aerial arts because she LOVES dance, she always loved seeing aerial performers in shows like Circque du Soleil and to build her confidence. She loves that it showcases her strength, gives her an opportunity to perform, and she gets to make art. Being able to make routines and perform in front of an audience is one of her favourite things. She lives for the applause and trying to perfect her moves. If she can make the audience feel something, she knows she has done a good job. Pole dancing and aerial hoop are two of her biggest passion.


Ellen stepped into her first aerial silks class in Saskatoon in 2014 and absolutely fell in love. Since 2014, Ellen continued working on her aerial si ilks but has also tampered in aerial sling, hoop and cube. She has always gone back to her first love of silks by taking classes and workshops to continue pushing her comprehension. Her passion is learning new skills, especially drops. In 2015/2016, Ellen was given the opportunity to begin assist in silks classes in Saskatoon. In 2017, she moved to Regina. She started to take classes at Fly Fitness and now is instructing classes in silks and aerial sling.


Jordan has been instructing aerials for a few years now and currently is teaching sling, hoop and pole, she has taught barre in the past as well. Alon ng with that she has experience in a few other apparatuses such as silks, cube and rope. Jordan first started at Club Mynx in Saskatoon after trying a few of their teaser classes. After her first full class she was so happy she had signed up, pole had become her first love! After a year of pole, it was time to try the aerial side and a new love was born again. As of September, Jordan has celebrated 4 years of practicing aerials and has no intentions of stopping.


Izzy got into aerial fitness when they were looking to add something fun to their fitness regime and find a body positive space: "Three years of pole and hoop later, my confidence and strength have improved immensely and my childhood dream of joining the circus has been reignited!" - Isabelle

Things Isabelle loves:
*Her cats (Vicar and Link)
*Petting dogs in the park
*Watching rain fall

“Do good recklessly” – Travis McElro


Celeste was so excited to join the FLY crew! She moved to Regina 2018, and started taking classes at Fly as soon as they opened the doors at their new home. She immediately felt comfortable, and had a sense of being home. She played with Pole, Hoop, and Sling, and is finding herself the most comfortable flowing on the fabrics. Though she's open to anything where she can choreograph! Celeste has a background in gymnastics - competing, and then coaching, for nearly 20 years.


Terri teaches pole and active flexibility, and is certified to teach POUND. She became certified in these particular classes because she fell in love with them as a student. She loves to learn new things and being at FLY is no different! She has earned degrees in Early Childhood Education, welding and aromatherapy. She considers herself fairly proficient in First Aid as well because she's maintained that knowledge for 21 years.


Malaya found FLY in September of 2018 after ending a long competitive gymnastics career. She fell in love with everything aerial as it showcases expression, strength and creativity. She enjoys the process of creating new routines and experimenting with new moves and songs. However, teaching is her favourite thing about FLY.  She loves to see students progress, meet long term goals and helping build the FLY community. Malaya has experience in many different apparatuses, but you will usually see her on sling or hoop. Malaya's goal is to compete abroad and to one day be cast in a Cirque Du Soleil show!


Carrie is a former dancer and Rythmic Gymnast who has always dreamed of being a Cirque Du Soleil performer. After her third child, she was looking for r a unique way to get back into shape and fate took her to the doors of FLY Fitness, in 2016. Pole dancing has taught her to reconnect with her body and has proven that age is just a number. Carrie loves teaching pole to beginners and watching her students grow stronger, all while empowering them to tap into their inner goddess .


When Kandi first started with pole, she was just looking for a fun way to work out that was outside the box, but she has really come to love pole and it has become one of her passions. She says, "It's really empowering to see my body getting stronger and that strength keeps me going week after week."She has been attending pole fitness classes for three years, has her Mental Health First Aid Certification and believes that mental and physical health are fundamentally linked.


Ashley has been pole dancing since late 2010. She loves aerial arts, focus on muscle engagement, perverse humour, and her dog. Her goal as an instruct tor is to help teach the tools you need to explore on your own and find your distinct style. Ashley’s favourite areas of pole are flow, floor, basework and dancing in heels. She is infinitely impressed by power moves but, personally, it’s not her jam. Ashley started her journey as an instructor, teaching Liquid Motion and Sultry Pole in 2016. Ashley’s favourite thing about pole and aerial fitness is that the learning is endless.


Deena (POUND Fitness with Deena) is a certified Pound Pro (instructor) for POUND® - Rockout.Workout After years of participating in many fitness classes including yoga, boot camps, personal training, running and weight training, she was introduced to a fitness class at FLY called POUND, instantly fell in love and took the opportunity to get certified when FLY hosted a certification.

She is passionate about her classes and loves showing people how they can have fun while staying active.  POUND® - Rockout.Workout.™ is for all fitness levels, and can be adapted to accommodate any restrictions including knee, back and mobility issues.