Studio Rules

Signing Up
Our drop-in classes require a reservation and empty classes will be cancelled up to 36 hours in advance. Our cancellation policy is 12 hours. You can join a class that is still on the scheduled the day of up to 4 hours in advance and as always, exceptions will be made for late cancellations due to extenuating circumstances.  

Please remove jewelry from hands and wrists in our studio for aerial classes! Jewelry isn't good for the poles and the poles aren't good for your jewelry! Our fabrics should be treated like your best pair of stockings! Jewelry is really bad for fabrics as are rough or jagged nails, zippers, etc.

Late Arrivals
If you arrive late please enter a class quietly and warm yourself up. If you are more than 10 minutes late it is advisable to not join the class at all. Some exceptions may be made with advanced notice.

If someone is waiting for you during your class they may wait in the reception area or along the edge of the studio area if others in the class are comfortable with it and they do not interrupt the class.   If you are in a bind with the dilemma of either missing a class or having to bring your child this is acceptable but it is up to you to keep your child in your view and supervised at all times.