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The 12 FLY Days of Halloween!

Free to join! 12 different challenges throughout October! Any apparatus or object used/recommended can be improvised! So many prizes but you have to follow the schedule to be eligible for the top prize! (Prizes announced October 1st!)

Day 1 - October 1st

  • “I Put a Spell on You”…. with these amazing chair dance moves! Let’s start off our 12 Days of Halloween with a good ol’ classic and add a twist...a chair! Who will you put a spell this Halloween… If you enjoyed this, let us know! Maybe we can brew a new chair dance for you to try!

Day 2 - October 3rd

  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Work Out edition. Will it be a ghost story? No. Will it be a story about witches? Is it a frankenstein story! No! It’s instructor Leslie with a bone chilling work out that will scare you more than any old campfire story. Ah, don’t worry! This work out is only scary if you do it in the dark (which we do not recommend!).

Day 3 - October 5th

  • It’s “World War Z”... show us your Zombie Climb! The end is coming and the zombies are awakening from their graves! How ever will we escape them? By climbing of course! Well, the end is not here quite yet, but it is never too soon to get ready! These zombies will be no match for any aerialist after practicing your ‘zombie climb’. Are you a newbie to climbing? Don’t worry! We have 3 different levels for you to practice. And remember, you are practicing for your life so give it all you got!

Day 4 - October 8th

  • Take a Trip to the ‘Last House on the Left”! Ah!! Our bad side. Is there anything more scary than your bad side? We think not. Show us a move that you need to practice more on your bad side! Don’t be shy or nervous! Even our instructors dread practicing on their bad side...maybe even more than we dread conditioning! Let’s face our demons together and conquer our ‘bad sides’.

Day 5 - October 13th

  • Twerk or Treat! Twerk or Treat! I mean, Trick or Treat! Wait, no, I do mean Twerk or Treat! Every human is welcome to these twerks or treats.

Day 6 - October 15th

  • Freaky Flexy! It’s time to go to the circus...be prepared to be amazed by the incredible aerialists and their dazzling tricks. Don’t worry, there are no clowns in this circus...but there are some contortionists! Or at least some contortionists in training. Post your Freaky Flexy photo. All levels of flexibility are welcome in our circus! We are all on the journey to get freaky flexible together. And to help you out, we have the incredibly freaky flexy instructor Izzy to give you some tips!

Day 7 - October 19th

  • Witching Hour! During the witching hour, everybody gets to dig into their witchy side. Show us how you use your apparatus to fly into the night! In this town, witches are not held back to their brooms. In this town, witches fly into the night on their aerial hoops, silks, poles, slings and even really tall high heels! These witches aim to amaze and scare! Get creative and show us your witchy side!

Day 8 - October 22nd

  • Goblins, Ghouls, and Ghosts! Good things come in threes! Find a trick, drop, or pose and show us 3 different variations! Ask your instructors for help. Use different arm positions! Can you change your leg position? Whatever you do, make sure to point your toes! And to help you with this, Instructor Leslie will be giving you a few exercises to improve and increase your toe point!

Day 9 - October 26th

  • Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice...or Naughty. Just like the Mayor from Halloween Town, there’s two sides to everything, even aerial tricks… Pick a pose or trick that you have learned at FLY in your most recent sessional class and show us both the naughty and nice side of that trick! Use props, use shoes, maybe use a pumpkin spice latte! Or maybe you have a trick that looks pretty, but is painful. Show us both sides!

Day 10 - October 29th 

  • I’m Not Afraid of No Ghost Anymore! Fear is human instinct! Everybody is scared of something, but we work together as a team to overcome that fear! Do you think the ghost busters would have conquered the giant marshmallow ghosts alone? No! They had a whole team. Don’t fear, you have a team as well. All of us here at FLY are standing with you and are ready to help you face your fears. Show the world a move, trick, or pose that used to scare you, but doesn’t anymore!

Day 11 - October 30th

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas... I mean Halloween! T'was the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Not even a mouse. Wait, what! Nah you got the wrong holiday. It’s Halloween! And we are buzzing with excitement! No, we are crawling out of our skin with excitement! This day feels so long that we may as well be crawling, but let's do it with style! Every style is welcome on Halloween whether its scary, sultry, sassy or something in between! Not sure where you fit? We got some tips to help you out! Hint hint.. You can steal these for your next routine when you need some floor work ideas!

Day 12 - October 31st

  • It’s a Monster Mash!! It has finally arrived! The day we have all been waiting for. I dunno about you, but I am ready to give out some candy (while being socially distanced of course!), bob for some apples, put on some face paint and get my best costume on!  Show us your all time favourite trick, pose or drop in your best Halloween costume!