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Group Bookings (aka Parties)

Any occasion or no occasion! Birthdays, friend/family get-togethers, bachelorettes, team windups and office parties! When you make a private group booking with us, you tailor your experience!

FLY has multiple options you can choose from including: pole, aerial hoop, aerial sling and silks. We also offer other party choices such as fitness, chair dance and sensual floor (which work great virtually as well!).

FLY’s base party package of $240, tax included, includes a 1 hour lesson for up to 6 attendees. Additional people and/or time can be added. Adding additional time allows you the option to add a second discipline/apparatus for your party!

Themes make for a memorable time and immediately set the tone for your group. We love themes and are happy to do our best to accommodate any reasonable theme you might dream up!  We always allow 10-15 minutes at the end to take videos and pictures and dressing up makes for excellent pictures!

Private/Semi-private Classes

Semi-Private Lessons

Why wait for the next round of intros when you can set up a semi-private lesson according to your schedule! Semi-Private Lessons are for 2-4 people. A perfect option for a friends, co-workers or families! Reach out and let us know what you're looking for and what your availability is and we'll get you started!

Custom Sessions

Do you have specific goals? Maybe you would describe your schedule as unusual? Whether private or semi-private why not create a custom session that works for you? If you're sick of always wishing pre-set schedules would fit into your life but they just never do, let us help set your perfect schedule and get you FLYing!

Private Lessons

Private lessons have so many benefits! All the attention is on you so time seems to move slower and you cover at least twice as much material! It’s all about your style, your goals, your challenges. Conditioning is specified to your specific needs for you to progress faster. Scheduling is flexible so we can easily make it work for you!


Studio Rentals

Studio and room rentals are available for your own classes, workshops or events!

Photography Rentals

Local artist, Amy Dawns, has created amazing artwork in our uniquely beautiful space, sure to make for some fabulous photos!

Fly Fit Regina Group Booking

Book your group session today! Please note that a 50% deposit is required for all group bookings! We will contact you within 72 hours of your submission.
FLY’s basic party package includes a 1 hour lesson for up to 6 attendees. Additional time can be added on to the party! Adding additional time to your party will allow your group to choose 2 disciplines/apparatuses for your party. We always allow 10-15 minutes at the end to take videos and pictures!
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